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Bugfix for Firefox 3.6 install on Windows 98 SE

Install the following four things:

  1. Make sure you have the Unicows.dll file downloaded. If not, download at and when asked to install, put it in C:\Windows\System\ . If you don't get it you'll get an error with the next thing you have to install.

2a. Download the KernelEx file (I used 0.3.3e, not sure if future versions will work, though they probably with). File is at: Follow the install instructions.

2b. Create the following file: C:\WINDOWS\KEXVER.INI and put in it

[PerApp] Firefox Setup 3.0 Beta 5.exe=win2000

  1. Download and run the Fx3 (I used fx3b5) installer and do that.

  2. Download Uberkern at and put the zip files in Fx3 folder. Then take the XUL.dll file and put it into the .exe that comes with Uberkern. It's say "Mabey Okay" or something like that, and it should be good.

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